A worthy partner

We tell our affiliates the same thing we tell all our players. Why rely on luck when you can trust your skills? When choosing your partner casino, luck is the last thing on your mind. You want your money´s worth and an operator you can trust. Not to mention someone who is worthy of your customers. So is Codetaff worthy? We think so.

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Why sign up?

Design & experience is on the table

We keep it simple. We created the site because we are serious about table games. And thanks to months of player perspective research we now know that many players out there share our vision. We also know that there is a market for a more elegant platform - A live environment that focuses on game design and player experience. Click this page to find reputable platforms that provide such a seamless casino gaming experience to their users. That is the world you pass your customers on to.

  • Quick results and scheduled payments
  • Generous and clear commission plans
  • Premium player experience and design

How does it work?

Traffic turned cash

Working with Codetaff is easy and becoming a partner is only a few clicks away. There is zero financial risk and a great way of converting your site traffic into cash! And the more players you pass our way, the bigger your revenue will be. And you don´t need any prior affiliate experience. We have plenty of experience in our team to go around!

Commission plan

The math is simple and the conversion is quick. The more depositing players you send our way, the more money you receive. And if your player/players exceed a net revenue of over €8000, the Codetaff booster kicks in! This means that you get another 5% on top of your earnings. Have a look at https://online-casinoschweiz.ch/ for some of the best online casinos with pleasant features.

  • NDCs
RS %
Codetaff booster. +5% on top of your earnings if your player/players exceed a net revenue of over €8000.

Short FAQ

  • The basics

    • At its core, signing up with us is a business decision – and a good one! From Codetaff, this is what we can promise you:

      * Quick results and scheduled payments

      * Generous and clear commission plans

      * Transparent flows and simple tracking systems

      * Premium player experience and design

    • Codetaff is the affiliate program for Codeta.com. If you are not yet familiar with www.codeta.com we recommend that you pay us a quick visit to get a feel for who we are and what we do!

    • Becoming an affiliate is quick and easy! Just sign up here at Codetaff and we´ll take care of the rest! And if you have any questions before signing up, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

  • Commission

    • Signing up to Codetaff is free, but withdrawals may be connected to administrative fees based on what option you choose. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

    • There is no limit to how much money you can make! As long as you put the time in to make your site/sites relevant to your users and deliver us traffic and players, we promise to deliver from our end to make our partnership long and profitable!

    • Without going into the technical side of things too much, it basically works like this:

      A future Codeta-player finds his/her way to our site thanks to a tracking link on your site, for example a banner. A cookie is then dropped from your site onto any player who clicks on your tracking link. Once they sign up at Codeta.com, they will be automatically tagged to your account. And once they start playing, revenue starts flowing your way!

  • Payment

    • You will receive your commission on the 15th of the preceding month, via Skrill or bank wire. Please notify us ahead of time if you wish to change your payment options. You can log in to change these at any time.

    • You can always log into your account at any time to review the commission calculated for the current month. Please be aware that this is not always the final commission, since activity changes daily based on your players activity and is updated every morning.

  • Technical

    • This means your players have been winning at the casino and therefore you will not generate any commission until the account becomes “back in the black.” We do not have negative carryover so you will start from 0 at the start of any month.

    • A cookie is dropped from your site onto any player who clicks on your tracking link. Once they sign up, they will be automatically tagged to your account.

    • Your players are tagged for a lifetime. As long as they are playing you will be generating revenue and they will remain under your account.

  • Support

    • For any other questions you may have, please contact us at [email protected]

    • You´ll find our full Terms & Conditions here

    • Please use the “lost password” option available when logging in. If you have lost your username or still experiencing problems, please contact us at [email protected]


We will answer you.

Send us a e-mail on [email protected] and we will come back to you as soon as we can